Get the delicious paneer ladoo online from BG Naidu and add more specialty to your festival season. Paneer Laddu is made with fresh paneer, condensed milk, ghee, and premium cashew nuts. Enjoy this tasty paneer laddu with your family and friends.

Shelf Life: 5 Days

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Paneer, condensed milk, milk, pistachios, cashew nut, kewra essence, cardamom powder, ghee, saffron
Nutritional Information/100 g.
(Approximate values)
Calories 321 kcal
fat 81 g
Cholesterol 34 mg
Sodium 127 mg
Potassium 371 mg
Total Carbs 54 g
Sugars 54 g
Protein 8 g
Vitamin C 3 mg
Calcium 284 mg